Bins that were identified in the blank profile database 'Bacillus subtilis' and stored in the database as "merens" collection, describe 2 bins accountig for 7,585,470 nucleotides, which represent 100.00% of all nucleotides stored in the contigs database.
The blank profile database that was generated with the minimum contig length of 5,000 contained 1 contigs, which correspond to 100% of all contigs, and 100% of all nucleotides found in the contigs database.
Contigs DB
Key Value
Created on 2016-06-06 15:43:30
Version 5
Split length 5,000
Number of contigs 1
Number of splits 1,517
Total nucleotides 7.59 Mb
K-mer size 4

Summary of general characteristics of each bin (download as TAB-delimited file).

Bin Source Taxonomy Total Size Num Contigs N50 GC Content Compl. Red.
Bin_2 anvi-interactive N/A 30 355,000 44.20% 6.31%
Bin_1 anvi-interactive N/A 29 885,000 47.28% 6.40%

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