anvi-gen-gene-consensus-sequences [program]

Collapse variability for a set of genes across samples.

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A. Murat Eren (Meren)

Can consume

profile-db contigs-db

Can provide



This program provides consensus sequences for the genes within a contigs-db and profile-db pair.

In other words, this collapses variability by assigning the most abundant nucleotide in your sample at each position, giving single consensus sequences for each gene for each sample.

A basic run of this program will resemble the following:

anvi-gen-gene-consensus-seuqences -p profile-db \ -c contigs-db \ -o genes-fasta

The default output is a genes-fasta, but you can also get a tab-delimited output matrix by adding the flag --tab-delimited.

You also have the option to focus on a subset of the data in your contigs-db and profile-db by providing either:

  • A list of gene caller IDs (either as a parameter or through a file with one gene caller ID put line)
  • A list of samples to focus on (as a file with a single sample name per line)

Additional Parameters

  • You have the option to change the variability engine (i.e. to codons), where variability at this level will be resolved.
  • To compress all variability profiles for each of your samples for a single gene, use the flag --conpress samples. This way, the program will only report one consensus sequence for each gene instead of reporting one for each sample.
  • You can get consensus sequences for each contig instead of for each gene with --contigs-mode
  • To report all consensus sequences (even when there are no variable positions), activate --quince-mode

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