Our People

A randomly ordered, ever-growing list of 44 anvi’o developers and contributors.

Jessika Fuessel Biogeochemist and microbiologist intereted in understanding the production and fate of microbial metabolites within the context of changing environmental conditions using a multi-omics.

Hilary Morrison A long and winding road to microbial ecology

Andrea Watson Microbiologist interested in combining wet lab and computational methods in a complementary way to answer fundamental questions.

Tom O. Delmont Microbial ecologist who seeks to understand small and large-scale ecological patterns in the microbial world.

Sebastian Cristian Treitli Microbiologist and bioinformatician - interested in protists and symbiotic interactions between protists and bacteria.

Oleg Vlasovets Data Scientist studying bacteria in human gut.

Nick Youngblut Microbiologist studying methanogens and host-microbiome coevolution

Evan Kiefl Computational biologist and software developer. For my PhD I studied how selective pressures shape the evolution of proteins in naturally occurring microbial populations.

Alon Shaiber Computational scientist previously studying microbial ecology, currently studying structural variation in cancer genomics, and what's next? Who knows?

Matthew Lawrence Klein Software developer interested in the role of technology in supporting a more equitable future on planet earth.

Kathryn Kananen Bioinformatician and computational biologist interested in population genetics, automation, and genomic architecture exploration

Quentin Clayssen Microbiologist and bioinformatician interested in metagenomics.

Vini Salazar Researcher, open-source developer and aspiring marine microbiologist.

Florian Trigodet Microbiologist using advanced computational strategies to make sense of the microbial ecology of complex habitats.

Jarrod J. Scott Microbiologist interested in understanding how bacteria and archaea coalesce into complex communities and how they affect host biology, biogeochemical cycles, and ecosystem-level processes in marine and terrestrial systems.

Isaac Fink Computer scientist interested in enhancing the power and accessibility of computational strategies to study microbial life.

Xabier Vázquez-Campos Environmental microbiologist and bioinformatician - interested in all things 'omics, extremophiles, taxonomy and systematics, evolution...

Antonio Fernandez-Guerra Bioinformatician interested in development and application of new methodologies to analyze modern and ancient (meta)genomic data.

Samuel Miller Computational and molecular microbiologist studying how microbes function in their environments through tRNA-sequencing, proteomics, and metagenomics.

Özcan C. Esen Computer engineer interested in developing tools for the visualization of complex data.

Emily Fogarty Microbiologist developing computational and wet lab strategies to study horizontal gene transfer in the human gut microbiome.

A. Murat Eren (Meren) Computer scientist and microbial ecologist interested in understanding mechanisms by which microbes interact with their surroundings, evolve, disperse, and respond to environmental change.

Matthew Schechter Microbiologist interested in combining comparative genomics and environmental metagenomics to identify genetic determinants of fitness in microbial populations in the human gut and ocean microbiome.

Alexander Henoch I am a biologist-turned-computer scientist interested in understanding the influence of the environmental change on the genetic composition of microbial populations.

Andrea Telatin Senior Bioinformatician at the Quadram Institute Bioscience, Norwich, UK. Interested in metagenomics, microbial ecology, and open science.

Patrick J. H. Bradley Bioinformatician interested in Metagenomics, Statistical Modeling, Microbial Evolution, Functional Genomics and Metabolism

Georges Kanaan Oceanographer & Astrobiologist in training. Computer scientist. Studying sea-ice bacteria.

Jessica Pan Computer scientist interested in computational methods to investigate microbial ecosystems and making those techniques more accessible to others.

Robert Murphy Microbiologist and bioinformatician - intrested in microbial communites present in symbiosis as a source for novel secondary metabolites

Dan Utter Microbial ecologist interested in the evolution and maintenance of diversity in complex natural communities, mostly using bioinformatics

Mike Lee Bioinformatician who explores microbial ecology and evolution in a wide range of environments.

Amy D. Willis Statistician and data scientist developing methods for the analysis of biodiversity, with a particular focus on the microbiome.

Simon Roux Viral ecologist and bioinformatician at the DOE JGI - interested in everything phage, 'omics, microbial and viral ecology and evolution, virus-host interactions, etc

Mahmoud Yousef Computer scientist and medical student interested in exploring the intersection of bioinformatics and medicine, and how bioinformatic techniques can be used to advance the quality of medicine.

Antti Karkman Computational microbiologist interested in antibiotic resistance in the environment

Daan R. Speth Microbiologist and bioinformatician interested in understanding the metabolic and phylogenetic diversity of microorganisms through genomics and wet lab analyses

Iva Veseli Computer scientist and biologist who leverages computational methods to study microbial metabolism in environmental metagenomes.

C. Titus Brown Bioinformatics software developer and microbiome enthusiast.