anvi-get-short-reads-from-bam [program]

Get short reads back from a BAM file with options for compression, splitting of forward and reverse reads, etc.

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A. Murat Eren (Meren)

Can consume

profile-db contigs-db bin bam-file

Can provide



This script get the short reads (in the form of a short-reads-fasta) out of a bam-file.

A basic run of this program is as follows:

anvi-get-short-reads-from-bam -o path/to/output \ BAM_FILE_1.bam BAM_FILE_2.bam

This will get all of the short reads out of the provided bam files (BAM_FILE_1.bam and BAM_FILE_2.bam) and put them into a single file.

Narrowing the input

You can choose to only return the short reads that are contained within a collection or bin, as so:

anvi-get-short-reads-from-bam -o path/to/output \ -c contigs-db \ -p profile-db \ -C collection \ BAM_FILE_1.bam BAM_FILE_2.bam

Changing the output format

You can split the output based on the directionality of paired-end reads. Adding the tag --split-R1-and-R2 causes the program to create three separate output files: one for R1 (sequences in the forward direction), one for R2 (sequences in the reverse direction; i.e. reverse complement of R1 sequences), and one for unparied reads. When doing this, you can name these three files with a prefix by using the flag -O.

anvi-get-short-reads-from-bam -o path/to/output \ --split-R1-and-R2 \ -O BAM_1_and_BAM_2 \ BAM_FILE_1.bam BAM_FILE_2.bam

You can also compress the output by adding the flag --gzip-output

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