anvi-import-collection [program]

Import an external binning result into anvi'o.

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A. Murat Eren (Meren)

Can consume

contigs-db profile-db pan-db collection-txt

Can provide



The purpuse of this program is to import a collection into an anvi’o database.

The input to this program, a collection-txt, may either have been generated by another anvi’o pprogram (such as anvi-export-collection), or may have been generated by the user manually. To import a collection into a database, you can run the following command,

anvi-import-collection collection-txt \ -p profile-db \ -c contigs-db \ -C COLLECTION_NAME

which would import the collection described in the input file formatted as a collection-txt into the profile-db with the name COLLECTION_NAME.

If your collection-txt describes contig names rather than split names, you will likely get an anvi’o error. You can fix that by adding the flag --contigs-mode to your command:

anvi-import-collection collection-txt \ -p profile-db \ -c contigs-db \ --contigs-mode \ -C COLLECTION_NAME

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