anvi-script-get-hmm-hits-per-gene-call [program]

A simple script to generate a TAB-delimited file gene caller IDs and their HMM hits for a given HMM source.

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A. Murat Eren (Meren)

Can consume

contigs-db hmm-source hmm-hits

Can provide



This program lets you convert the hmm-hits within a contigs-db into a functions-txt.

It is similar to anvi-export-functions, except it deals specifically with hmm-hits (which are generated by anvi-run-hmms; in contrast, anvi-export-functions works with the more abstract functions artifact.

Here is an example run of this program:

anvi-script-get-hmm-hits-per-gene-call -c contigs-db \ -o path/to/functions-txt

You also have the option to specify a specific hmm-source, so that only hits from that source are outputted. For example:

anvi-script-get-hmm-hits-per-gene-call -c contigs-db \ -o path/to/functions-txt \ --hmm-source Bacteria_71

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