dendrogram [artifact]


A NEWICK-type anvi’o artifact. This artifact can be generated, used, and/or exported by anvi’o. It can also be provided by the user for anvi’o to import into its databases, process, and/or use.

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Provided by

anvi-experimental-organization anvi-export-items-order anvi-matrix-to-newick

Required or used by

anvi-import-items-order anvi-import-misc-data anvi-interactive


This described a NEWICK-formatted tree that is not representative of the phylogenic relationships between your samples.

If you’re looking for phylogenic trees, take a look at phylogeny

Instead, the dendrogram artifact most often describes the tree used as a misc-data-items-order: the order that the items in anvi-interactive are displayed in (the central tree in the circular display). Often, these are the order of your contigs or genes based on their relatedness to each other (for example by tetranucleotide frequency or differencial coverage). These trees are also contained in misc-data-layer-orders.

A dendrogram is also listed as the output of programs that are not necessarily related to phylogenetics (like anvi-matrix-to-newick).

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