anvi-delete-misc-data [program]

Remove stuff from 'additional data' or 'order' tables for either items or layers in either pan or profile databases. OR, remove stuff from the 'additional data' tables for nucleotides or amino acids in contigs databases.

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Can provide

Can consume

pan-db profile-db misc-data-items misc-data-layers misc-data-layer-orders misc-data-nucleotides misc-data-amino-acids


After you’ve added misc-data of some kind (misc-data-items, misc-data-layers, misc-data-layer-orders, misc-data-nucleotides, or misc-data-amino-acids) using anvi-import-misc-data, you can delete that data and remove it from the interactive interface using this program.

This program will release your data into the ether, never to be seen again. If you would like to first export it into a text file (so that it can be seen again), you can do so with anvi-export-misc-data.

This program only works on data that is listed as an available key (most often because it was previously imported by the user). To view available keys, call either

anvi-delete-misc-data -p profile-db \ --target-data-table items|layers|layer_orders \ --list-available-keys


anvi-delete-misc-data -c contigs-db \ --target-data-table nucleotides|amino_acids \ --list-available-keys

where you choose the appropriate option for the taget-data-table.

If your misc-data is associated with a specific data group, you can provide that data group to this program with the -D flag.

Data types you can delete

From a pan-db or profile-db: items, layers, layer orders

From a pan-db or profile-db, you can delete

anvi-delete-misc-data -p profile-db \ --target-data-table items \ --keys-to-remove key_1

anvi-delete-misc-data -p pan-db \ --target-data-table layers \ --keys-to-remove key_2,key_3

anvi-delete-misc-data -p profile-db \ --target-data-table layer_orders \ --keys-to-remove key_4

From a contigs-db: nucleotide and amino acid data

From a contigs-db, you can delete

anvi-delete-misc-data -c contigs-db \ --target-data-table nucleotides \ --keys-to-remove key_1

anvi-delete-misc-data -c contigs-db \ --target-data-table amino_acids \ --keys-to-remove key_2

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