anvi-gen-phylogenomic-tree [program]

Generate phylogenomic tree from aligment file.

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This program generates a NEWICK-formatted phylogenomic tree (see phylogeny) based on a given concatenated-gene-alignment-fasta.

As mentioned in the phylogenetics tutorial, it currently only has the option to use FastTree to do so, but be aware that there are many other programs that you can do this with. Some of the options we are familiar with (and are not yet represented in anvi-gen-phylogenomic-tree) include MrBayes, MEGA, and PHYLIP, among many others, most of which will happily take a concatenated-gene-alignment-fasta.

Anyway, running this program is simple. Just provide the concatenated-gene-alignment-fasta with all of the genes that you want to use and the output file path for your phylogeny:

anvi-gen-phylogenomic-tree -f concatenated-gene-alignment-fasta \ -o PATH/TO/phylogeny

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