anvi-run-hmms [program]

This program deals with populating tables that store HMM hits in an anvi'o contigs database.

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contigs-db hmm-source


Stores hmm-hits for a given hmm-source in a contigs-db. In short, this is the program that will do a search for HMMs against a contigs-db and store that information into the contigs-db’s hmm-hits.

This is one of the programs that users commonly run on newly generated contigs-db, along with anvi-scan-trnas, anvi-run-ncbi-cogs, anvi-run-scg-taxonomy, and so on.

What is an HMM?

Check out the lovely vocabulary page for an example here.

Essentially, this program will help annotate the genes in your contigs-db, using either one of the databases built into anvi’o or a custom database.

Basically, in anvi’o, Hidden Markov Models (or HMMs for short) are used to search for specific genes with known functions in a larger dataset. Nucleotide patterns for specific gene functions are contained in an hmm-source and this program uses them to search through the data in your contigs-db.

Default Usage

To run this program with all default settings (against all default anvio hmm-source), you only need to provide a contigs-db.

anvi-run-hmms -c CONTIGS_DB

Running against a custom set of hmm-source

In order to run against your own hmm-source or a custom subset of anvi’o’s hmm-sources, you have two choices.

Choice 1: I have my own hmm-sources on my computer

This way the source can be completely outside of anvi’o.

anvi-run-hmms -c CONTIGS_DB -H path_to_your_hmm_profile

Choice 2: I prefer anvi’o’s hmm-sources, but I don’t need all of them.

By default, anvi’o will look through all of its hmm-sources when doing a search. If you only want to run against a specific one, you’re in the right place. These are the currently available ones: “Bacteria_71” (type: singlecopy), “Archaea_76” (type: singlecopy), “Protista_83” (type: singlecopy), and “Ribosomal_RNAs” (type: Ribosomal_RNAs). See the page for hmm-source for more information.

For example,

anvi-run-hmms -c CONTIGS_DB -I Bacteria_71

Other things anvi-run-hmms can do

  • Add the tag --also-scan-trnas to basically run anvi-scan-trnas for you at the same time. It’s very convientient.
  • Add the tag --just-do-it to hide all warnings and questions in case you don’t want to deal with those.
  • There are also parameters that can help speed up the runtime of this program. However, be aware of the limits of your system, espeically if running on a SGE. For example, you can increase the number of threads or switch to hmmsearch if you are scanning a large umber of HMMs. For more information on that, check out here.

See anvi-run-hmms in action

On the metagenomic workflow tutorial!

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