anvi-setup-trna-taxonomy [program]

The purpose of this program is to setup necessary databases for tRNA genes collected from GTDB (, genomes in your local anvi'o installation so taxonomy information for a given set of tRNA sequences can be identified using anvi-run-trna-taxonomy and made sense of via anvi-estimate-trna-taxonomy).

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This program downloads a local copy of a subset of the databases from GTDB (stored in a trna-taxonomy-db), so that tRNA sequences in your dataset can be associated with taxonomy information. It is required to run this program before you can run anvi-run-trna-taxonomy or anvi-estimate-trna-taxonomy.

Like other anvi-setup- programs, this only needs to be run once per anvi’o version. The default path is anvio/data/misc/TRNA-TAXONOMY. You can store the resulting trna-taxonomy-db in a custom location if desired), but then you’ll need to provide the path to it whenever you run anvi-run-trna-taxonomy.

To run this program, you can simply run


If you are trying to redownload these databases, run:

anvi-setup-trna-taxonomy --reset

Alternatively, you can use --redo-databases if you just want to update the database version without redownloading the data.

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