anvi-update-structure-database [program]

Add or re-run genes from an already existing structure database. All settings used to generate your database will be used in this program.

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Can provide

Can consume

contigs-db structure-db


This program is used to add additional genes to or re-run the analysis of genes already within a structure-db.

For that reason, it is very similar to anvi-gen-structure-database and the parameters used to run that program (when you first generated your structure-db) will be automatically applied when you run this program. To know what MODELLER parameters are being used, you run this program on a structure-db with the flag --list-modeller-params.

To run this program, just provide a contigs-db and structure-db, and name your genes of interest (either in a file or directly). If the named genes are not already in your structure-db, they will be added to the database.

For example, if your structure-db already contains the genes with caller-IDs 1, 2 and 3, and you run

anvi-update-structure-database -c contigs-db \ -s structure-db \ --gene-caller-ids 1,4,5

Then the structural analysis for genes 4 and 5 will be added to your structure-db (assuming templates are found). Gene 1 will be ignored, since it is already present.

If instead you want to re-run the structural analysis on genes that are already in your structure-db, you’ll need to specify that by adding the flag --rerun-genes

anvi-update-structure-database -c contigs-db \ -s structure-db \ --gene-caller-ids 1,4,5 \ --rerun-genes

Now, the program will rerun the analysis for gene 1 and will still add genes 4 and 5 to the structure-db.

Both of these runs will have the same MODELLER parameters as your run of anvi-gen-structure-database. However, to get the raw outputs, you will need to use the parameter --dump-dir. You can also set a specific MODELLER program with --modeller-executable. Parameters for multi-threading would also have to be given again.

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