A FASTA-type anvi’o artifact. This artifact is typically generated, used, and/or exported by anvi’o (and not provided by the user)..

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Provided by

anvi-gen-gene-consensus-sequences anvi-get-sequences-for-gene-calls anvi-get-sequences-for-gene-clusters anvi-get-sequences-for-hmm-hits

Required or used by

There are no anvi’o tools that use or require this artifact directly, which means it is most likely an end-product for the user.


A genes-fasta is what it sounds like: a FASTA formatted file that contains genes. In Anvi’o, this is an output for programs that return gene sequences. This includes anvi-get-sequences-for-gene-calls, anvi-get-sequences-for-gene-clusters (when working with pan genomes), and anvi-get-sequences-for-hmm-hits.

If you’re unsure what a FASTA file is, check out fasta.

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