A CONCEPT-type anvi’o artifact. This artifact is typically generated, used, and/or exported by anvi’o (and not provided by the user)..

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Provided by

anvi-import-misc-data anvi-search-sequence-motifs

Required or used by

anvi-compute-functional-enrichment-in-pan anvi-delete-misc-data anvi-export-misc-data


This is the section of your profile-db/pan-db that contains custom additional information about each of the layers of the interactive interface (usually displayed as the concentric circles). When you run anvi-interactive, this data will appear as additional graphs in line with your layers, similar to how the sample names are displayed at the top.

As also defined in this blog post, this type of data will include information about each layer of the interface (usually representing your samples). This data is either numerical or categorical and can be imported into another database from a misc-data-layers-txt using anvi-import-misc-data. It is also displayed when you run anvi-show-misc-data and can be exported or deleted with anvi-export-misc-data and anvi-delete-misc-data respectively.

If you would like to change the order that your layers are displayed, take a look at misc-data-layer-orders. Or, if you want to specifically import taxnomic information for your layers (if applicable), check out anvi-import-taxonomy-for-layers.

For example, this information could describe the salinity of a series of ocean samples, the continent your samples were taken in, or which of several collection methods was used.

Edit this file to update this information.