A script to generate completeness info for a given list of splits.

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Can consume

contigs-db splits-txt hmm-source

Can provide

This program does not seem to provide any artifacts. Such programs usually print out some information for you to see or alter some anvi’o artifacts without producing any immediate outputs.


This program tells you the completeness and redundency of single-copy gene sources available for your contigs-db.

For example, some of the defaults are collections of single-copy core genes named Protista_83, Archaea_76, and Bacteria_71. This program will give you a rough estimate of how many Protist, Archaeal, and Bacterial genomes are included in your dataset using these single-copy core genes.

You can use the following run to list available completeness sources in your contigs-db:

anvi-compute-completeness -c contigs-db \ --list-completeness-sources

Then you can run this program on a specifc source as folows:

anvi-compute-completeness -c contigs-db \ --completeness-source Bacteria_71

You can also provide a splits-txt to focus on a specific set of splits, or declare a minimum e-value for a gene to count as a hit. The default is 1e-15.

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