Export contigs (or splits) from an anvi'o contigs database.

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This program exports the contig sequences from a contigs-db, outputting them as a contigs-fasta. It also has the ability to output the sequences of your splits instead.

You can run this program as follows:

anvi-export-contigs -c contigs-db \ -o path/to/contigs-fasta

To run it on only a named subset of your contigs, you can provide a list of contigs as a separate file (in the same format as a splits-txt). For example:

anvi-export-contigs -c contigs-db \ -o path/to/contigs-fasta \ --contigs-of-interest my_favorite_contigs.txt

where my_favorite_contigs.txt looks like this:


Splits mode

Want to look at your splits instead of your contigs? Just run with the flag splits-mode attached.

anvi-export-contigs -c contigs-db \ -o path/to/contigs-fasta \ --splits-mode

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