Sort/Index BAM files.

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This program sorts and indexes your BAM files, essentially converting a raw-bam-file into a bam-file, which are ready to be used in anvi’o.

If you’re unsure what a BAM file is, check out the bam-file page or this file, written by the developers of samtools. For a description of what indexing a BAM file does, check out the page for raw-bam-file.

To run this program, just provide a path to the bam files that you want to index. For example,

anvi-init-bam raw-bam-file

You can also multithread this to shorten runtime with the flag -T followed by the desired number of threads if your system is capable of this.

To see it in action (plus a description on how to run it on an entire folder), check out this page.

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