Takes an anvi'o linkmers report, generates an oligotyping output.

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This program converts a linkmers-txt artifact into oligotypes data.

A linkmers-txt artifact describes each of your short reads that mapped to specific target nucleotide positions in a reference contig. This program counts the total occurance of each combination in those target positions within each of your samples.

For example, if your linkmers-txt focused on two target positions, and you ran the following:

anvi-oligotype-linkmers -i linkmers-txt

The output (which by default is called oligotype-counts-001.txt) might look like the following:

key         AG   CA    CG    GA    GG    TA    TG   
sample_001  0    320   12    2     0     3     579    
sample_002  0    142   2     0     2     10    353  
sample_003  3    404   1     1     0     2     610   
sample_004  0    209   6     0     1     0     240

Note that combinations with zero reads in every sample are not included.

Edit this file to update this information.

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