Run dbCAN CAZymes on contigs-db.

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contigs-db cazyme-data

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This program annotates genes in your contigs-db with functions using dbCAN CAZyme HMMs

Before you run this program, you’ll have to set up the CAZyme database on your computer with the program anvi-setup-cazymes.

The CAZyme database is based on protein sequences, so anvi’o will convert your genetic information into protein sequences and then use HMMs to compare them to the database.

Unsure what an HMM is? Check out our vocab page

To run, you’ll need to provide a contigs-db and the output will be a functions artifact. Here is a default run:

anvi-run-cazymes -c contigs-db

If you stored the cazyme-data that you got from running anvi-setup-cazymes in a custom location, you’ll need to provide that path as well.

anvi-run-cazymes -c contigs-db \ --cazyme-data-dir cazyme-data

By default, this uses hmmsearch to run HMMs. You can choose to use hmmscan instead by running

anvi-run-cazymes -c contigs-db \ --cazyme-data-dir cazyme-data \ --hmmer-program hmmscan

Use the parameter --noise-cutoff-terms to filter out hits. The default value is --noise-cutoff-terms -E 1e-12. If you want to explore filtering options, check out the help menu of the underlying hmm program you are using e.g. hmmsearch -h

anvi-run-cazymes -c contigs-db \ --noise-cutoff-terms “-E 1e-14”

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