Run ANI between contigs in a single FASTA file.

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This program computes the average nucleotide identity between reads in a single fasta file (using PyANI).

To compute the ANI (or other genome distance metrics) between two genomes in different fasta files, use anvi-compute-genome-similarity.

A default run of this program looks like this:

anvi-script-compute-ani-for-fasta -f fasta \ -o path/to/output \ --method ANIb

By default, the PyANI method is ANIb (which aligns 1020 nt fragments of your sequences using BLASTN+). You can switch to ANIm, ANIblastall, or TETRA if desired. See the PyANI documentation for more informaiton.

You also have the option to change the distance metric (from the default “euclidean”) or the linkage method (from the default “ward”) or provide a path to a log file for debug messages.

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