Setup or update an offline database of representative PDB structures clustered at 95%.

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This program seems to know what its doing. It needs no input material from its user. Good program.

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Basic usage

This program creates a pdb-db local database that holds PDB structures from this sequence database, which is hosted by the Sali lab. Their database comprises all PDB RCSB sequences that have been clustered at 95% sequence similarity. They seem to update their database every couple of months (thank you guys!).

The purpose of anvi-setup-pdb-database to have a local copy of reference structures that can be used to, for example, get template structures for homology modelling when anvi-gen-structure-database is ran.

Running this program is easy:

anvi-setup-pdb-database --just-do-it

If you already have a pdb-db artifact and are trying to redownload this data, run

anvi-setup-pdb-database --reset

Or if you just want to update your database, run

anvi-setup-pdb-database --update


The output pdb-db database is ~20GB and its contents may take several hours to download.

Edit this file to update this information.

Additional Resources

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