Show all misc data keys in all misc data tables.

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Can consume

pan-db profile-db contigs-db

Can provide

This program does not seem to provide any artifacts. Such programs usually print out some information for you to see or alter some anvi’o artifacts without producing any immediate outputs.


This program lists the additional data that is stored within a pan-db, profile-db or contigs-db. This is data that can be imported with anvi-import-misc-data and is displayed in the interactive interface.

When run, this program will output to the terminal a list of all additional data tables that are stored within the database. If you want to export a specific element of these as a text file, see anvi-export-misc-data.

What is displayed?

When running on a profile-db or pan-db, the output will display the following types of data:

When running on a contigs-db, the output will display the following types of data:

These have no default values and will only contain data that has been imported with anvi-import-misc-data.

You also have the option to specify a specific kind of additional data table with -t. For example, to view only misc-data-items in a profile-db, just call

anvi-show-misc-data -p profile-db \ -t items

Similarly to importing and exporting additional data tables, you can also focus on a specific data group with the parameter -D.

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