Update the description in an anvi'o database.

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Can consume

pan-db profile-db contigs-db genomes-storage-db

Can provide

This program does not seem to provide any artifacts. Such programs usually print out some information for you to see or alter some anvi’o artifacts without producing any immediate outputs.


This program allows you to update the description of any anvi’o database with the push of a button (and the writing of an updated description).

This descirption helps make UIs a little prettier by showing up when you run programs like anvi-interactive and anvi-summarize.

Simply write out the description that you would prefer in a plain text file (with markdown syntax) and use this program to update the description of any pan-db, profile-db, contigs-db, or genomes-storage-db:

anvi-update-db-description --description my_description.txt \ contigs-db

Edit this file to update this information.

Additional Resources

Are you aware of resources that may help users better understand the utility of this program? Please feel free to edit this file on GitHub. If you are not sure how to do that, find the __resources__ tag in this file to see an example.