anvi-export-misc-data [program]

Export additional data or order tables in pan or profile databases for items or layers.

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A. Murat Eren (Meren)

Can consume

pan-db profile-db contigs-db misc-data-items misc-data-layers misc-data-layer-orders misc-data-nucleotides misc-data-amino-acids

Can provide

misc-data-items-txt misc-data-layers-txt misc-data-layer-orders-txt misc-data-nucleotides-txt misc-data-amino-acids-txt


This program lets you export miscellaneous data of your choosing into a text file, which can be imported into another anvi’o project using anvi-import-misc-data. You can export the same types of data that you can import with that function. These are also listed below.

To see what misc-data is available in your database, use anvi-show-misc-data.

If your misc-data is associated with a specific data group, you can provide that data group to this program with the -D flag.

Data types you can export

From a pan-db or profile-db: items, layers, layer orders

From a pan-db or profile-db, you can export

anvi-export-misc-data -p profile-db \ --target-data-table items

anvi-export-misc-data -p pan-db \ --target-data-table layers

anvi-export-misc-data -p profile-db \ --target-data-table layer_orders

From a contigs-db: nucleotide and amino acid information

From a contigs-db, you can export

anvi-export-misc-data -c contigs-db --target-data-table nucleotides

anvi-export-misc-data -c contigs-db --target-data-table amino_acids

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