anvi-export-collection [program]

Export a collection from an anvi'o database.

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A. Murat Eren (Meren)

Can consume

profile-db collection

Can provide



This program, as one might think, allows you to export a collection. This allows you to take your binning results elsewhere (including into another Anvi’o project with the command anvi-import-collection).

You can run this program on a profile-db or pan-db as follows:

anvi-export-collection -C my_favorite_collection \ -p profile-db

This will give you a collection-txt file that describes the collection my_favorite_collection.

To list the collections available in this database, you can run

anvi-export-collection -p pan-db \ --list-colllections

You can also add the flag --include-unbinned to have all unbinned contigs in the database show up at the end of your collection-txt file in a bin titled UNBINNED.

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