A TXT-type anvi’o artifact. This artifact can be generated, used, and/or exported by anvi’o. It can also be provided by the user for anvi’o to import into its databases, process, and/or use.

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Provided by

anvi-script-gen-distribution-of-genes-in-a-bin anvi-script-transpose-matrix

Required or used by

anvi-interactive anvi-matrix-to-newick anvi-script-transpose-matrix


View data refers to a matrx where each column represents a specific sample and each row describes some attribute of that sample (most often a sequence’s abundance per sample).

For example, in the pangenomics tutorial, the PROCHLORO-functions-occurrence-frequency.txt is a view-data.

You can use this to compute a distance matrix to generate a dendrogram (using anvi-matrix-to-newick) or direclty input it to anvi-interactive to visualize the distribution of your items across samples.

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