Remove a collection from a given profile database.

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Can consume

profile-db collection

Can provide

This program does not seem to provide any artifacts. Such programs usually print out some information for you to see or alter some anvi’o artifacts without producing any immediate outputs.


This program, as implied by the name, will delete a collection from a profile-db or a pan-db.

Using this program will delete the collection and every bin it describes from the database forever and without any additional warning. If you are not sure whether you may need a given collection later, it may be a good idea to export your binning effort into a collection-txt using anvi-export-collection before deleting it, just to be safe.

To list available collections in a database you can use the program anvi-show-collections-and-bins. When you know which collection you wish to remove, you can run the program on the target collection name:

anvi-delete-collection -p profile-db \ -C collection

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