Merge a given set of bins in an anvi'o collection.

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Can consume

pan-db profile-db collection bin

Can provide

This program does not seem to provide any artifacts. Such programs usually print out some information for you to see or alter some anvi’o artifacts without producing any immediate outputs.


This program merges two or more bins together into a single bin.

To run this program, the bins that you want to merge must be contained within a single collection. Just provide the collection name, the pan-db or profile-db you’re working with, the bins that you want to merge, and the name of the output bin.

To check what collections and bins are contained in a database, you can either run this program with the flag --list-collections or --list-bins, or you can run anvi-show-collections-and-bins.

For example, if you wanted to merge the bins first_third, middle_third, and last_third in a pan-db into a single bin called complete_bin, just run

anvi-merge-bins -p pan-db \ -C collection \ -b first_third,middle_third,last_third \ -B complete_bin

Now your collection will contain the bin complete_bin and the original bins will be gone forever (unless you had runanvi-summarize, anvi-export-collection, or a similar program beforehand)

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