This program runs NCBI's COGs to associate genes in an anvi'o contigs database with functions. COGs database was been designed as an attempt to classify proteins from completely sequenced genomes on the basis of the orthology concept..

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contigs-db cogs-data

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This program annotates genes in your contigs-db with functions using NCBI’s Clusters of Orthologus Groups (COGs) database.

This program assumes that the user has successfully set up the COGs database on their computer using the anvi’o program anvi-setup-ncbi-cogs.

The only critical parameter to anvi-run-ncbi-cogs is a contigs-db. The program will store its output in the contigs-dbas a functions artifact.

If the cogs-data was stored at a specific path when anvi-setup-ncbi-cogs was run, then providing that path using the --cog-data-dir parameter is also necessary.

anvi-run-ncbi-cogs -c contigs-db \ --cog-data-dir path/to/cogs-data

Without the flag --cog-data-dir, anvi’o will just search in the default location.

You can also use blastp to search, by running:

anvi-run-ncbi-cogs -c contigs-db \ --search-with blastp

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