Generate an external genomes or internal genomes file.

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Can consume

contigs-db profile-db collection

Can provide

external-genomes internal-genomes


The primary purpose of this script is to reduce the amount of labor required to generate external-genomes or internal-genomes files anvi’o typically uses to learn about your bins and/or genomes.

Generating an external genomes file

If you provide an input directory and a name for the output file, then every contigs-db in that directory will get a line in the resulting external-genomes file:

anvi-script-gen-genomes-file --input-dir path/to/dir \
                             --output-file external_genomes.txt

Names for genomes in the the resulting external genomes file will be set based on the project_name variable, and the contigs_db_path column will contain absolute paths.

You can learn the current project_name and/or change it for a given contigs-db using the program anvi-db-info. This variable is set by the program anvi-gen-contigs-database.

You can also instruct anvi-script-gen-genomes-file to include all subdirectories under a given directory path:

anvi-script-gen-genomes-file --input-dir path/to/dir \
                             --output-file external_genomes.txt \

Generating an internal genomes file

To get an internal-genomes file containing all bins from a collection, provide a profile-db, its corresponding contigs-db, and the collection name:

anvi-script-gen-genomes-file -c contigs-db \ -p profile-db \ -C collection \ --output-file internal-genomes.txt

The name of each internal genome will be the same as the bin name, and the path columns will contain absolute paths.

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