This program downloads and sets up the ModelSEED Biochemistry database..

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This program downloads and sets up the latest version of the ModelSEED Biochemistry database.

The ModelSEED Biochemistry database consists of two tab-delimited files of reaction and compound data, respectively, and is valuable due to harmonization of IDs and properties from multiple reference databases commonly used in metabolic modeling.

anvi-reaction-network relies upon ModelSEED Biochemistry in conjunction with the KEGG Orthology database. KEGG Orthology (KO) protein annotations of genes are associated with predicted enzymatic reactions. These KEGG reactions are cross-referenced to the ModelSEED Biochemistry database to retrieve information on properties including reaction stoichiometry and reversibility. anvi-reaction-network stores reactions and metabolites thereby predicted in the contigs-db for the genome. The program, anvi-setup-kegg-data, sets up the requisite KO database.


The simplest anvi-setup-modelseed-database command sets up the database in the default anvi’o ModelSEED data directory.


A custom directory can be provided instead. Within the provided directory, a subdirectory named ModelSEED is created for storage of the database.

anvi-setup-modelseed-database --dir /path/to/dir

Finally, in conjunction with either of the previous commands, the --reset flag can be used to delete any existing target database directory and its contents before setting up the latest version of the ModelSEED Biochemistry database there.

anvi-setup-modelseed-database --reset

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