A STATS-type anvi’o artifact. This artifact is typically generated, used, and/or exported by anvi’o (and not provided by the user)..

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Provided by

Required or used by

There are no anvi’o tools that use or require this artifact directly, which means it is most likely an end-product for the user.


This file contains information about your genes.

It is a tab-delimited text file where each row represents a specific gene and each column provides different information.

As of now, the only program that returns data in this format is, which returns this information for the single copy core genes in your contigs-db.

From left to right, these tell you

  • The source for this gene (ex Protista_83)
  • The name of the contig that this gene is a part of
  • The gene name
  • The e-value (of the HMM hit that was used to find this gene)

Edit this file to update this information.