A TXT-type anvi’o artifact. This artifact can be generated, used, and/or exported by anvi’o. It can also be provided by the user for anvi’o to import into its databases, process, and/or use.

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This is a text file that contains the information for a misc-data-items-order, used for importing into and exporting this information from your anvi’o project.

NEWICK order

If you intend to import a tree order, the contents of your file should look something like this (but probably much more complicated depending on the number of items in your anvi’o database):

(contig_4, ((contig_1, contig_2), contig_3))

When a NEWICK order is imported into an anvi’o project, the contigs will be displayed in the order contig_4, contig_1, contig_2, contig_3, and the following tree will be generated in the interface:

    contig_4    contig_1    contig_2    contig_3
        |           |           |           |
        |           -------------           |
        |                 |                 |
        |                 -------------------
        |                           |

LIST order

Alternative to the NEWICK order, you can provide a list of items in flat form. For instance, if you want to order your items this way, your text file should look like the following, where each line contains a single item name in your database:


After importing an order into a database, you may need to specifically select that order in the interactive interface through the “Item orders” dropbox and re-draw your display to change the default order.

Edit this file to update this information.