This program generates a metabolic reaction network in an anvi'o contigs or pan database..

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This program stores a metabolic reaction-network in a contigs-db or pan-db.

The network consists of data on biochemical reactions predicted to be encoded by the genome or pangenome, referencing the KEGG Orthology (KO) and ModelSEED Biochemistry databases.

Information on the predicted reactions and the involved metabolites are stored in two tables of the contigs-db or pan-db. The program, anvi-get-metabolic-model-file, can be used to export the reaction-network from the database to a reaction-network-json file formatted for flux balance analysis.


anvi-reaction-network takes a either a contigs-db OR a pan-db and genomes-storage-db as required input. Genes stored within the contigs-db or genomes-storage-db must have KO protein annotations, which can be assigned by anvi-run-kegg-kofams.

The KO and ModelSEED Biochemistry databases must be set up and available to the program. By default, these are expected to be set up in default anvi’o data directories. anvi-setup-kegg-data and anvi-setup-modelseed-database must be run to set up these databases.

anvi-reaction-network -c /path/to/contigs-db

Custom locations for the reference databases can be provided with the flags, --ko-dir and --modelseed-dir.

anvi-reaction-network -c /path/to/contigs-db \ --ko-dir /path/to/set-up/ko-dir \ --modelseed-dir /path/to/set-up/modelseed-dir

If a contigs-db already contains a reaction-network from a previous run of this program, the flag --overwrite-existing-network can overwrite the existing network with a new one. For example, if anvi-run-kegg-kofams is run again on a database using a newer version of KEGG, then anvi-reaction-network should be rerun to update the reaction-network derived from the KO annotations.

anvi-reaction-network -c /path/to/contigs-db \ --overwrite-existing-network

A reaction-network can also be generated from consensus KO annotations of gene clusters. This can be used to understand the conservation or divergence of parts of the metabolic network between organisms in the pangenome.

anvi-reaction-network -p /path/to/pan-db \ -g /path/to/genomes-storage-db

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