Özcan C. Esen of anvi'o


Computer engineer interested in developing tools for the visualization of complex data.


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Intellectual contributions

Some contributions are more than code. Inevitably, this manually curated list will be incomplete for almost everyone, but nevertheless, we try to keep track of key contributions made by memebers of the anvi'o commmunity to the platform and its users. Edit these files to help.

  • Spearheaded the development of interactive interfaces of anvi'o.
  • Implemented the framework for seamless migration of anvi'o databases between versions.

Program contributions

anvi-cluster-contigs anvi-display-contigs-stats anvi-display-structure anvi-gen-contigs-database anvi-gen-phylogenomic-tree anvi-inspect anvi-interactive anvi-migrate anvi-profile anvi-run-pfams anvi-setup-pfams anvi-script-checkm-tree-to-interactive

Resource contributions

Tutorials and exercises

Kinds of write-ups that typically use mock or simple datasets to describe basic concepts and how to accomplish common tasks in anvi'o often with hands-on experience.

Technical write-ups

Solutions or discussions regarding matters that are typically more technical than scientific.

Data types of anvi'o interactive interface a more detailed description of the interface by demonstrating the data types the interface can work with, and later details of the user interface.
Running remote anvi'o interactive interfaces on your local computer A workaround to run anvi'o on a remote server, and display graphical user interfaces on your local browser seamlessly.