anvi-script-reformat-fasta [program]

Reformat FASTA file (remove contigs based on length, or based on a given list of deflines, and/or generate an output with simpler names).

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This program converts a fasta file to a contigs-fasta. In other words, it reformats your FASTA formatted file to meet the conditions required of a contigs-fasta, which is able to be used by other anvi’o programs.

anvi-script-reformat-fasta fasta \ -o contigs-fasta \ --simplify-names

If you use the flag –report-file, it will also create a TAB-delimited file for you to keep track of which defline in the new file corresponds to which defline in the original file.

Removing the short reads

Removing short contigs from a FASTA file will improve the performance of the contigs-db later. The example below runs the same command while also removing sequences that are shorter than 1,000 nts:

anvi-script-reformat-fasta fasta \ -o contigs-fasta \ -l 1000 \ --simplify-names

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