Florian Trigodet of anvi'o


Microbiologist using advanced computational strategies to make sense of the microbial ecology of complex habitats.


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Resource contributions

Tutorials and exercises

Kinds of write-ups that typically use mock or simple datasets to describe basic concepts and how to accomplish common tasks in anvi'o often with hands-on experience.

An exercise on single-cell genomics A hands-on tutorial to learn how to integrate single-cell genomics data. It covers functional and taxonomic assignment, pangenomic and phylogenomic analyses, and more.
Scaling up your analysis with workflows Using publicly available genomes and metagenomes, and anvi'o build in snakemake workflow to contextualize a genome of interest.

Articles, workflows, opinions

Key insights into specific topics and can be useful to more advanced users and 'omics enthusiasts in general.

An Akkermansia story with MinION long-reads An application of metagenomic long-read sequencing, assembly, correction, and the use of anvi'o pangenomics workflow to benchmark outcomes.